Cheap Bali Guesthouse And Hostels

Bali temple

The actual choice you have is between one hotel room, or a whole Bali house and the many advantages this offers. If you haven’t yet enjoyed the Bali guesthouse experience, do yourself a favour and take up this opportunity the next time you holiday on the Island of the Gods. Ask anyone who has stayed in a Bali guesthouse and you will discover why they enjoyed it so much.

International travelers know that long term rental is the way to go when staying in Bali. Whether you rent a guesthouse in the serene countryside for peaceful relaxation and inspiration, or find Bali accommodation in a “hotel-style” collection located in the glitzy seaside tourist destinations, most guesthouses can be rented by the week or even by the month. To get the most out of a vacation on the Bali island, many visitors opt for a long-term stay.

Accommodation will greatly determine the level to which you will enjoy a vacation. A popular tourism destination, Bali has numerous accommodation options to offer. Should you choose a hotel or a guesthouse?

The hospitality of this island can be experienced in the hotels of Bali. It is easy for travelers to find a place to stay in Bali. You have the option to choose from the budget fit hotels or guesthouses in Bali. There are lots of guesthouse in Bali which offer state of art facilities and excellent service. The Bali guesthouses are providing excellence in service and facilities.

These guesthouses in Bali are well facilitated to cater to the needs of its guests. Satellite TV, direct dial telephone, round the clock room service, air conditioned rooms, safe deposit vaults, in house restaurant are just some of the amenities offered in the guesthouses in Bali.

tanah lot bali

The tourist attractions in Bali attract people from near and far to this tropical island. There is lots for tourists to see and enjoy in Bali. There is a beautiful sea temple, Tanah Lot, which stands on a huge rock surrounded by the sea. Another beautiful temple is the thousand years old Pura Besakih which also happens to be the biggest temple here.

Bali also happens to be a shoppers paradise. Here you can bargain for all that you plan to buy. The inexpensive stuff is sure to increase your baggage once you fly back home. Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur are the best market places to shop for for inexpensive shopping.

nasi goreng sate campur

When in Bali do not forget to taste the lip smacking cuisines offered here. The cosmopolitan restaurants offer delectable food and you have a wide variety of options to choose from the menu cart. The local delicacies – Nasi Goreng, Sate Campur here are a must try apart from the Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and lots more cuisines.


Bali also has interesting adventure activities to offer to its tourists like scootering, snorkeling, white water rafting and kayaking. The tourists here can go on jungle treks or can enjoy cycling in the mountains. There are lots of guesthouses in Bali situated in areas which are surrounded by mother nature. In the laps of nature a stay in theĀ  Bali guesthouses is what completes the vacation.